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Positioning, Strategic Narrative & Messaging:

Effectively communicate your value proposition, mobilize your target audience & attract the right customers

Product positioning, strategic narrative, and messaging strategy, anchored in market and customer insights, work together seamlessly to distinguish your solutions and attract best-fit customers. They also unify your teams on a consistent story and key message points. 

Our 7 Step Framework:


Listen and assess:

We interview your key stakeholders to gain perspectives on your ideal customers, industry challenges and how your solutions deliver value.


Evaluate competitive messaging

What are your top competitors’ key message points? How can you distinguish your solutions from the competition? How does this fit with current market trends?


Gather customer insights

No messaging is impactful unless anchored in customer and market insights. We gather these insights through 1:1 customer interviews or other channels for qualitative feedback. This is a critical step in the process.


Develop your framework

We craft your framework, complete with positioning, strategic narrative, and messaging that focuses on how you address customer and market challenges and deliver unique value and results.



Take your strategic narrative and messaging for a test drive! Present it to key customers or feedback panels comprised of your target audience (optional). Is your message clear? Does it resonate?


Launch internally and externally

You receive a customized presentation to launch to your organization so you ensure consistent messaging. Simultaneously, begin implementing your messaging in all your assets.



Three and (optional) six-month check-ins to gather feedback and refine your narrative and messaging.

Exploring or entering a new market?

There are methods to tap into people who fit your target buyers or ideal customer profiles.

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Read our latest articles, helping you improve and accelerate your product marketing strategy. 

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