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Who We Are

Insight Out Marketing accelerates your B2B product marketing strategies to help you crystalize your message, empower your teams, and win the right customers

Insight Out Marketing is not a marketing agency that offers "everything" marketing. We're not a consulting firm that engages with you only to provide advice and then leave the execution to you.

We create B2B product marketing strategies and plans that are anchored in customer and market insights, not just ideas. We turn those insights into strategy, with a focus on data-driven results. We work beside you and your team along the way.

As B2B Product Marketing Experts, we're here to help you accelerate your product strategy and company success.



“Eileen was very easy to work with. She had excellent suggestions and would adapt her approach based on what I was after. A couple of times we disagreed on an approach. In other words, she doesn't simply do what I say. Either she educates me so that I understand her position and reasoning, or she seeks to better understand my thoughts and reasons. And the result is a better outcome.”

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Gary Stringham, Founder, Cubby Paperless


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About Eileen Licitra, Chief Insights Seeker:

I have a passion for helping startup and growth stage companies like yours succeed with products and services their customers love, because those products deliver the results customers need.


My experience spans 20 years of B2B product marketing in SaaS and technology companies across a number of industries, including media, digital marketing, ag tech, cloud-based security, IT and more. Over the course of my career I've launched and marketed dozens of products, as well as introduced products into new markets, with commercial success. I've led competitive analyses, pricing strategies, positioning and messaging frameworks, sales enablement, partner marketing, and more.

Here’s what I learned along the way: The most successful B2B companies are those who know how to tap into the needs, pain points and desired outcomes of their target customers. It’s the foundation for great positioning, messaging, marketing, and sales. 

My philosophy: Customer and market insights (real insights, not assumptions) must be at the core of product, marketing and sales enablement initiatives to lead your company to success.  Product marketing is not just about making your product successful; it's also about tapping into what makes your customers successful when they use your product. 

I'd love to help you tap into customer insights and accelerate your product marketing strategy. Let's talk.

Certifications and Professional Memberships

Messaging Certified





Virtanza Professional Sales Certification Instructor


Professional Member Product Marketing Alliance


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